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Digital Tokens 100% backed by
Precious Metals

Bringing precious metals to the blockchain

Blockchain is a digital ledger that enables to store and transfer information in a distributed, transparent and immutable way

Now we can use blockchain technology to record specific information of a gold bar and digitally represent it in the form of tokens. This process is known as asset tokenization

Digital tokens on the blockchain allow us to own and trade the underlying precious metal in a convenient and cost-effective way


Aurus tokens represent ownership

When physical precious metals are tokenized on the blockchain, ownership rights of the underlying asset are transferred and represented by digital tokens

Tokens are digital assets that represent value or rights, which are recorded on the blockchain. Tokens are the most streamlined, cost-efficient method of transferring value, and can be traded online 24/7 around the globe Aurus is using blockchain technology to facilitate fractional ownership of precious metals via Aurus tokens, where each token represents ownership of 1 gram of the underlying metal


1g AurusGOLD token 100% backed by gold


1g AurusSILVER token 100% backed by silver


1g AurusPLATINUM token 100% backed by platinum

Every token is 1:1 fully backed

Aurus tokens are backed by precious metals sourced from LBMA and LPPM-accredited refineries. Tokens are issued on the blockchain only once the physical bullion is stored in afully audited and insured vault accompanied by a valid custody report Every single Aurus token (AurusGOLD, AurusSILVER and AurusPLATINUM) is backed by 1 gram of the respective precious metal and is traceable to a single bullion and its unique registration number on the Ethereum Blockchain

Store, send and receive precious metals

Just like any other digital asset, Aurus tokens must be stored in a digital wallet. A digital wallet is your own personal vault for storing tokens You can safely store, send and receive Aurus tokens from the comfort of your smartphone using the Aurus Mobile App